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Spain in your glass, February 2023. False friends and rarities



Horticultural Halls, London

Our write-up of 'Spain in a glass' breaks records for lateness for which we apologise. The fact that we're writing it now, over a year since it took place is a token of its merit.

Yet again there were hidden gems to be discovered. Spain doesn't trumpet these so it's for us to do so.

Along the way there were quite a few 'false friends.' Familiar grapes such as Graciano named after a synonym - in that case Merenzao.

Here they are:

False Friends

It's easy to get caught out. We regard it as a professional risk so it's good to be aware since wine merchants often don't know or try to palm you off with something purporting to be unique whan it is just a common variety such as Tintilla de Rota/Graciano.


Rufete Blanco = Verdejo Sorrano (itself a rarity).

Merenzao = Trousseau



Tintilla de Rota = Graciano



Listan Blanco = Palomino Fino



Brujidera = Marufo

Tardana = Planta Nova 

Tortozon = Planta Nova


Trincadeira Preta = Trincadeira 


Tinto Velasco = (sometimes) Alicante Henri Bouschet


At 'Spain in a glass' there were some genuine rarities: 



Vidadillo (almost extinct)


Moravia Agria

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