Saturday 2 May 2015

Wine storage at The Breakers, Palm Beach

 West Palm Beach boasts the 'first and only grand piano fully covered in genuine alligator skin'.

 Not to mention dedicated pooch buggies.

But these weren't the only singularites to be found.

award winning

Blue Chip

At the famous Breakers Hotel, in full view, a series of enormous wine storage and display cases. Before judging these to be unnecessarily fetishising, you have to remember this is South Florida - not the easiest place to store wine and keep it fresh. The Caribbean is only a hop away and the chances of finding a well-stored bottle there are slimmer than most places. No wonder The Breakers has won the Wine Spectator Grand Award.

There is a fun bar with tropical fish under the counter. Quite possibly the first and only one in West Palm Beach?


nice place