Saturday 10 August 2019

Weingut Buergermeister Carl Koch Erben, Dienheimer Paterhof Bacchus Beerenauslese, Oppenheim am Rhein

The title may be a mouthful but then so is this wine found at the Portland Restaurant, London.

One critic has Bacchus down as "Modern, perfumed, often kitsch." We were also not convinced Bacchus could make a great wine but maybe its best expression is Beerenauslese like this example?

Just as good as a fine Barsac or Sauternes for our taste and available from Robersons for under £15.

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Try this: Simpson's Chardonnay

Well, we suggested you tried Simpson's Pinot Meunier vinificato in bianco. Now in a sudden spurt of energy and initiative, Waitrose has begun to stock that wine (and at a rather lower price than Harvey Nicols where we first found it) together with a Chardonnay from Simpsons.

Being an ABC blog, you don't get many Chardonnay recommendations at Slotovino although we very much like Jura Chardonnay. Well, guess what, this English (Kentish to be precise) Chardonnay is as good as many a Jura Chardonnay and along the same lines: more ethereal than buttery.

Waitrose's price for this Chard is a keen £13.99.

Now for Simpson's Rabbit Hole Pinot Noir (red) and Railway Hill Rose (Pinot Noir). We should also try the Chalklands Classic Cuvee Sparkling Wine. With components like these, how could it not be great?

PS. In case you're wondering, Slotovino is not paid by any of the winemakers featured herein and has only ever received one free sample which was duly acknowledged.