Tuesday 30 April 2024

Abv - enemy of grape typicity.


Referring to our Abv hobby-horse (increasing alcohol decreases the typicity of the grape) we found the following two comments recently.

The first ecapsulates our thoughts perfectly;

We’ve tasted many recent attempts to revive and "improve" Cesanese that were over-extracted, over-oaked, international-style wines that negated all that was interesting and distinctive about the grape.

 Jamie Wolff, Chambers St. Wines' newsletter.

The second;

"While for the ABV of each wine, that is more related to the vintage and to the phenolic maturity of the grape. Some grapes need to reach a certain sugar/alcohol level in order to have the right balance. This is to say that often low alcohol level is not necessary a positive factor, as well as the high alcohol can ruin easily the wine.

We strive to always find wines that...have a perfect balance expressing the grape and the location, therefore what we offer is what we believe are the perfect expression of those."

A UK wine merchant.

The 'right balance' throws the field open to a great deal more subjectivity than just preserving what is interesting and distinctive about the grape surely? We all know what any particular grape should taste like, don't we?

Others know a lot more than we do. It would be interesting to hear if the above makes sense to any of those persons.

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