Friday, 6 May 2011

Yesterday's results from the London Grape Bourse


The big news was the entirely unexpected and dramatic rise in Kerner (Astley Vineyards 'Veritas' from Worcestershire. The ascendence of Ortega in its dry form also took the market by surprise as did Auxerrois. Rises were also recorded in Huxelrebe, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir Precoce ( Fruehburgunder). Dornfelder continued its steady, seemingly inexorable ascent.


Surprise falls were recorded in the Bacchus sector with one exception - Wareside Wines 2010 (Hertfordshire) . More predictably Seyval Blanc and Orion were heavy losers in the whites whereas Rondo and particularly Regent were relegated to not very attractive Roses and use in blends where we suspect they did not contribute positively. Madeleine Angevine and Triomphe d'Alsace are now very much has beens, such are the advances in other varieties.


This sector is not quoted in our Bourse because most examples are blends.

Where were we? English Wine Producers Trade and Press Tasting, May 5th. With many thanks to Henrietta Green and Julia Trustram Eve.

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