Saturday, 14 May 2011

We go mad in Malaga's Museo del vino

Ever since we discovered the Museo del Vino (cf. blog of 22.11.09 ) we have been chomping at the bit to get back there and check their stock in an unhurried way.

We vowed to get a few bottles of our two big discoveries that time, the white Doradilla/Moscatel and the red Tinta Rome - both Sierra da Malaga wines made from what they call local grapes although Doradilla can be found as far as Australia and Moscatel is quite widespread not least in Bordeaux.

Hardly daring to hope we would find the Museo del Vino again (up a small street not quite in the centre of town) let alone that the wines we were looking for would still be available we were delighted to have success on both counts.

Pedro was still there behind the till. He speaks 5 languages and knows everything there is to know about the wines of Malaga and Ronda.

Under his guidance we scrutinised everything on offer, not a huge selection it has to be said but fascinating. Most of the reds were blends from a repertoire of varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Syrah and yes, even Tinta Rome in one case.

These all tended to look heavy with typically 14% or 14.5% Abv. Curiously, Schatz´s Lemberger ('Acinipio') was not stocked on the grounds that this grape is not included in those permitted by the appellation although Schatz´s Chardonnay was available. We went a bit crazy and bought quantities of our Doradilla/Moscatel and Tinta Rome as well as a Rose from Petit Verdot (at 13% one of the least alcoholic!). It has to be said the Tinta Rome was 2006 and past its best but still unique.

The Museo del Vino has a great many talks, tours and courses as well as the shop. An estimable institution which we were happy to see thriving. Vaut le voyage as they say.

Coming out of the Plaza de los Viñeros we saw this somewhat sobering sign.

Walking on pensively we had hoped to find the Palacio Cropani open. This was a Bodega which had looked so enticing last time but had been closed. This time it was more than closed - it was boarded up. Perhaps the AA is particularly effective in these parts?

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