Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Schioppetino, Picolit and Piculit

On the Friuli stand we were given a seminar on Schioppettino (not Schiopetto which is the name of a famous producer in Collio). We have recently become rather enamoured of this variety and were offered four examples to taste each of which expressed a different side to this variety's personality. We have here another variety worthy of inclusion in our Slotovino Hall of Fame.

We have encounteres Picolit before as a dessert wine, in Grappa and as we thought in Red wine. It took two rather impressive sommeillers from this stand looking more like ushers from the Teatro alla Scala with their well fitting clack uniforms and chains of office draped around their shoulders to understand that the Red wine was from a grape spelled Piculit instead of Picolit and as usual with this kind of thing nothing to do with its near namesake. There was no Piculit to taste and we passed on the sweet Picolit. We might have had a bottle of Piculit from Bat and Bottle once but had not been exactly bowled over if memory serves.

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