Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New York Old Vine Baco Noir

We had tried Baco Noir, an old French hybrid at the late lamented Vintage New York shop in SoHo and found it let us say 'interesting'. Indeed when re-planting our own micro-vineyard in the Thames Valley we wondered why this variety had never come to anything in the UK as far as we knew.

So when we found this example at the New York stand at the London international Wine Fair we had a good taste and found it more than 'interesting' in the ironic sense. The first impression is definitely of a hybrid but on the length the effect is pleasing. Perhaps with the old vines comes improved methods of vinifying this variety? No membership of the Slotovino Hall of Fame but worth the taste and perhaps good with Indian food.

Other New York wines were the familiar Cabernet Francs, Pinot Blancs, Vidals and even a Rkatsiteli which Dr. Frank pioneered but rather fewer Rieslings that we would have expected given their triumphs in recent competitions and tastings. We spoke to a gent we had befriended in the 2010 LIWF who told us there had been progress with an importer for the UK and that some wines from Wolffler and a Rose from Channing Daughters might soon be available here. Good news indeed.

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Peter F May for The Pinotage Club said...

Baco Noir is a hybrid favourite of mine -- the best I have tasted is made by Henry of Pelham in Ontario, the Reserve is best.

Why not in UK? A puzzle but don't commercial vineyards hit up against EU regulations against hybrids? And nowadays they'te planting vinifera Pinot Noir for fizz.