Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pignoletto joins SHoF

We were introduced to this wonderful white grape in a sparkling version from Umbria by the noted vinophile Charles Taylor who knows a thing or three. Immediately we recognised that with Spergola (a recent addition to SHoF - Slotovino Hall of Fame), here was a rival (we think an improvement) on Prosecco. There is also the still version which we haven't tried.

Pignoletto has been declared as being identical to Grechetto but not everyone agrees or accepts this finding. If it is indeed Grechetto then the SHoF is pleased to add that grape to our list. Others say it is a distant cousin of Riesling.

A glance at Winesearcher.com shows any number of Pignolettos - sparkling and still - available in many markets so clearly there are many in the know. The version by Tedeschi was so appley it tasted like cider. We were immediately won over. There is a Pignoletto available from Laithwaites for almost the same price as Spergola (around £7) and has even been served on British Airways flights. It has nothing to do with the red grape Pignolo (= 'fussy' in Italian).

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