Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What Mr. Posh drank in Venice

We don't always have Mr. Posh on our team but we had the pleasure of his company recently in Venice so we had to be extra careful to find good things for him to drink.

It all started so well with an acceptable Refosco

and an excellent Raboso

one of the best we have ever had. The maker is Cescon Italo (Italo Cescon).

Then sadly things went downhill and Mr. Posh ceased drinking anything whatsoever until he was able to find a glass of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano at the airport which he pronounced the only decent thing he had had all trip. We suggested that was only because he was used to the Vino Nobile but he said not.

In our researches, we discovered a new Enoteca called Mille Vini.

This is the shop which supplies others in Venice. They don't have very many bottles at all - certainly not mille but they do have a good selection and the gentleman is knowledgeable and helpful. It is just at the bottom of the Rialto steps on the opposite side from the market.

Ever practical (we hope), Slotovino has a patent way of ensuring that the suitcase with a dodgy zip (due in part to too many bubble wrapped bottles) doesn't explode en-route. Buy some elasticated rope or shock cord and tie these around the case. At 5 Euros, these are so much cheaper than fabric belts.

Just so we can be as posh as Mr. Posh himself, here's a picture of what might have been the world's worst Bruschetta proving that as well as being able to eat well in Venice it is still possible to eat very badly:

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