Thursday, 16 September 2010

Gamaret at Geneva Airport Duty Free

There is a small and characteristically expensive selection of Swiss wine at Geneva Airport Duty Free. In fact there is a further and even more expensive selection at the Caviar House & Prunier in the same airport.

One of the best buys was a Gamaret by La Cave de Geneve "La Clemence".

all we wanted to do was to try it so we bought a bottle at something approaching CHF20. We also bought a Swiss Aligote which sounded interesting but turned out to be bland. at CHF38.60 we didn't get what we paid for.

Our Easyjet flight left from a satellite (Gate 30 - something if we remember correctly). There we found the same Gamaret for significantly less in a 50cl bottle. So what we are saying is if you are passing through GVA on an Easyjet flight, DO buy the Gamaret - it is excellent - but if you don't want a 75cl bottle, wait until you get to the satellite and there you will find the smaller bottle!

We thought you might want to know that.

A propos, Swiss wine merchants and producers have more sizes of wine bottles than anyone else in the world as far as we can tell. 50cl bottles are common as are, wierdly enough, many 70cl ones. There are also 35cl bottles aplenty and 20cl ones too. There were even a 113cl and a 38cl bottle on the list of Paul Ulrich of Basel. So be careful to check what you are buying.

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