Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wien, Wien nur du allein

In Vienna for the Belvedere Singing Competition, we enjoyed an excellent and well earned session one evening at Vinothek, Postgasse 11 just around the corner from the Kammeroper where the competition was being held. the Kammeroper is in the Fleischmarkt, appropriately enough.

We tried various local specialities such as Gemischter Satz, St. Laurent, Blaufraenkisch, Zweigelt etc., all very pleasant as one might expect but it was the Marzemino Frizzante which made the greatest impression. Perhaps we can be forgiven for not remembering the name of this particular example given what had gone before. Our host was very knowledgeable and took infinate care in preparing a dish of prosciutto, salamis and cheeses, frequently rubbing his hands with antiseptic as if visting a different hospital ward between each operation. The first time we have ever seen this and hopefully something which might catch on. It certainly beats the air steward who licked his forefinger and thumb each time before dispensing a paper napkin... Slotovino is too discreet to mention on which airline but suffice it to say it was not one serving Vienna!

Arriving at Schwechat (Slotovino winner of best airport duty free 2008/9) in good time to check the selection, we found a dry Scheurebe by Scheucher as well as a Gemischter Satz and a couple of other things besides. The Scheurebe was almost undrinkable when opened back home. Hilarious, we thought the words on the back label to the effect that no one could resist the wine and that it goes with next to everything. Mrs. Slotovino immediately had to have a replacement. The Scheurebe languished in the fridge for some days until we tried it again mainly out of duty. This time it was very much improved and quite drinkable.

Over further days, we took more tastes each time more favourable and ended this particular tale as firm converts. Scheurebe could be included in the Slotovino Hall of Fame with the warning that it might need opening some, or possibly a great deal of time before drinking if disappointment is to be avoided. How many wines fall into that category?

So once again. Vienna (and Austria) maintained its position as one of the most diverse and interesting wine areas. We might get to like Rotgipfler and Zierfandler yet.

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