Thursday, 19 August 2010

Caves de Pyrene sale

Having stumbled on the Caves de Pyrene annual sale by chance last year we eagerly awaited the 2010 edition. Having become enthusiastic regulars at their instantly successful London restaurant "Terroirs" we had our eyes on quite a few items from this most eclectic and interesting merchant, co-winner of the Slotovino prize for best UK wine merchant, 2008/9.

We were not alone. Scores of, it has to be said, middle aged middle class vultures had alteady descended on the place by 10.00am but we reckoned had not exhausted any particular bin. There were the usual 'lucky dip' baskets, perhaps less exciting as last year and plenty of reduced items although some of the most exciting lines were not on sale, we can't think why...

Halfway through our researches we discovered that a number of wines were on sale but had not been singled out and were still sitting on their usual shelves, unnoticed by the hordes. There were a few treasures here.

The staff is extremely well informed and we soon put together a great selection including:

Plageoles Vin d'Autan (Ondenc)

Zidarich Vitovska Bianco (Vitovska)

Monte di Grazia Rosso IGT Campania (Tintore)

Afros Vinhao Vinho Verde Tinto (Vinhao)

Di Barro Rouge Touvien DOC Val d'Aosta (blend of 7 black-skinned indigenous varieties: Petit Rouge, Premetta, (Fumin, Vien de Nus, Mayolet, Cornalin, Vuillermin)

Pierre Cros Minervois blanc (Picpoul Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Vermentino 'and a small but vital amount of Muscat')

Bout du Monde 'Echappee Belle VDT Rouge (50% Carignan and 50% Grenache gneiss - Lledoner Pelut, a rare "cousin" of the Grenache variety?)

Lorenzo Vigna Paradiso Lacrima d'Alba

Genoux Mondeuse Authentique

Bartoli Zibibbo
and Bartoli Grecanico Dorato

Tamada Saperavi

Marega Malvasia Istriana

Antonio Camillo Principio Rosso (Cilegiolo)

As eclectic a bag as you would find anywhere.

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