Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ultimate wine

Searching for a 100% Pinot Meunier red we came across an internet outfit in Marlow Bucks called 'The Ultimate Wine Company' listing an Oregon version called Willakenzie. This turns out not to be the conflation of the names of the vineyard owners (perhaps Willa xxxxxx, sensitive winemaker and her significant other, the hunky xxxxxxx MacKenzie who does all the manual jobs...) but a type of soil found in the Willamette Valley.

Ultimate wine's list also included a Blauer Wildbacher from Strohmeier (Weststeiermark, Austria) "Schilcher Lestoa" which has the appearance of a Rose wine but an Abv of 14% and the taste of an intense red. Remarkable and nothing like any Schilcher we had ever tasted.

Blauer Wildbacher goes straight into the Slotovino Hall of Fame!

Unfortunately the Pinot Meunier, although pleasant enough was not as interesting or overwhelming.

Paula Sindberg, an American of Swiss descent is a talented merchant with whom it is a pleasure to deal. Her original and extensive list is worth a great many clicks.

The Ultimate Wine Company Ltd
8 Millbank, Mill Road
Marlow, Bucks. SL7 1UA
01628-472214 phone
01628-472688 fax

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