Friday, 24 March 2017

Some weird offers at Duty Free

Clearly people still drink (take?) this stuff!
Sold by the litre at 17% alcohol: $14.00 a bottle

In our gadding about the globe we come across some weird ideas of what the customer might want at an airport duty free shop. Wincarnis seems to be what passengers departing fron Kochi, India might demand. The name Wincarnis comes from 'Wine' and 'Carnis' (of meat). Instead of meat it now contains what has been described at a bewildering variety of botanicals, angelica root, balm mint, fennel coriander and cardamom seed, peppermint leaves and cassia bark and is produced by Hedges and Butler. Remember, this is what is known as British Wine. There was plenty of it.

An extreme example of Duty Free marketing at Velana, airport at Male in the Maldives consisted of bottles of Solaia at $595 a go.

For cheapskates there was a choice of Gaja


and Icewine at between $95 and $167. Thank goodness it was duty free.

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