Sunday, 26 March 2017

Finds at Aldi, Marbella

Aldi was our choice for UK Supermarket of the year in the Slotovino annual awards. We chose Aldi for the fact they offered a very nice Hunter Valley Semillon at a very reasonable price.

Aldi is very sensitive to local tastes. At the Marbella branch, Spain you might not find their Hunter Valley Semillon but there are plenty of interesting wines from Andalucia and the neighbouring Condado de Huelva as well as the rest of Spain at fantastically low prices.

First of all a Zalema from the nearby Condado de Huelva. We have mentioned Zalema previously in this blog. It's an interesting grape found nowhere else as far as we are aware. Capable of making pleasant if sometimes rather salty wines it can also result in downright unplesant stuff tasting oxydised and rustic. We're sure this one is one of the good guys.

It looks like this 'Semi-Sweet fizzy wine is made especially for Aldi by Hijos de Francisco Escaso, Badajoz (Extramadura) from Cayetana Blanca and Montua grapes.

A Mencia from Castilla y Leon

and an ecologically produced Monastrell from Jumilla. All attractive and unusual options.

As a footnote, not sold at Aldi but found in a local restaurant in San Pedro de Alcantara, we'd just like to mention the adorable Blanco de Blancos from Barbadillo in the Condado de Huelva - a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo and Moscato. We could never understand Barbadillo's success with their Vino Pescator - one of the most popular wines in the whole of Spain. This Blanco de Blancos proves that Barbadillo can make outstanding wine at a reasonable price.

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