Friday, 25 March 2016

Fabulous Argon. At last, the answer to wine preservation

Forget about all other systems, Argon inert gas is the best way to keep wine. All you do is give a second's spray from the dispenser and put something over the neck of the bottle to stop dust or flies getting in and you have preserved the contents for almost as long as you like. It works equally with decanters and any other receptacle. You can use it for Olive Oil or any other liquid. It should even work in barrels.

Argon is inert, odourless and heavier than air. You need only a small amount sitting on the surface of your wine to seal it in. For us the results have been vastly superior to any vacuum system. Coravin works on the same principal but is a lot more expensive.

We found the best and most reasonable source of Argon was with 'Private Preserve'. The graphics could be better but never mind, this is the one for us!

Problem solved


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