Wednesday, 12 September 2018

600 Grotte Guarnaccino deserves cult status

In November last year we held an Italian tasting which included just the kind of rarity we love - an obscure but high quality grape revived by a single grower. This was 680 Grotte's Guarnaccino.

Guarnaccino, ‘Recepit.’ 68 Cantine, Lucano di Chiaromonte (PZ), Vino Rosso. Basilicata, 2013. 14%
We’re very proud of this one; no one knows anything about it except the producer of this bottle and he or she is alone. Nothing to do with Guarnaccia (Grenache) which is not unknown in Italy but is never grown under that name, being called Cannonau, Tocai (Tai) Rosso and – wait for it, Gamay Perugino. This Guarnaccino was not only rare, it was also delicious.


'There is a seductive sweetness to the aroma, like sweet red cherry with a touch of vanilla...Beutifully expressive with something a bit rosemary...captivating'

'Livelt red fruit. Decent acid. Nice.'

Kind trullo-owning friends had invited us to stay so we thought a nice present might be to have this winery deliver a couple of bottles each of their Guarnaccino wines;

Recepit Rosso El. Top of the range. In short supply

Recepit Rosso. Very fine indeed.

Rosato. A crowd pleaser if ever there was one.

This proved to be a good move as all three wines proved popular. 'What a lovely drop' said our hosts. We have no reason to doubt them.

Luigi Laurio and colleague Vincenzo De Santo

The producer, Luigi Lauria was especially nice to deal with. Super efficient too. He and his wines desrve to be far better known. We'd give them cult status, no problem.

Order some today - you won't be disappointed.

tel. +39 0973 642278
call. +39 347 6662825

facebook: @600grotte
instagram: @600grotte

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85032 Chiaromonte (PZ)

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