Tuesday, 27 March 2018

In praise of Fattoria La Vialla

Not having heard of Fattoria La Vialla before we read about it on an Italian site where it had won prizes in a tasting of Organic wine.

Their site is rather extraordinary. Their enthusiasm for their ecological mission is palpable. We can't begin to describe it, so take a look and you'll see.

Ordering is made by post through the order form.

La Vialla produce all sorts of foods and drinks but they are not available in shops. You have to order them directly and they sell in quantities of 6 or more in the case of wine and others respectively in foodstuffs.

We were interested in only a few of their products and they were kind enough to agree to send us smaller quantities as a sample,

We bought

La Casotta

A red wine called 'La Casotta.' An interesting blend of Pugnitello and Malvasia Nera (30% each), Aleatico (20%), Colorino and Sangiovese (10% each). 

14% Abv. A bit of a winter-warmer but original and memorable.

Mostovino dolce leggiero

Something called Mostovino (7% Abv), which is mostly Sangiovese (96%) with tiny amounts of Canaiolo and Aleatico. 

This was far too good! Impossible to take just one glass. If Mostovino could be mass-produced it would fly off supermarket shelves.

Olive oil, red wine vinegar, penne rigate and linguine

as well as red wine vinegar and some pasta.

Vino Novo Sangiovese

Due to some confusione in our order, La Vialla sent us a complimentary bottle of their 'Vino Novo' (Sangiovese in purezza, 14% Abv). 

We found out that as well as their missionary zeal in the production of all these items they have a delivery regime second to none. First they tell you when they're going to deliver (and that is without delay) then they give an update and before you know it a nice person is at your doorstep with the goods. In our case the order came in two shipments, no doubt in order to avoid any delay. Payment was not requested until after delivery in our case and was made simple by La Vialla having set up a UK bank account and pricing in Sterling.

La Casotta came in this handsome box

The next extraordinary thing was the packaging. This can only be described as exquisite. Goodness knows how they balance their books!

The shipments came with all sorts of literature including two thick books - a catalogue and a book of recipes. Everything is in their own cute font.

All of this was beyond delightful and we thought we had made a unique discovery until a leaflet fell out of our Saturday newspaper from, you guessed it Fattoria La Vialla.

They are already established in other countries and now it's our turn.

Book No. 47. La Vialla have been going many years already

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