Thursday, 3 August 2017

In praise of Goldriesling

Radebeul has its own Opera Theatre (Landesbuehnen Sachsen)

If you found yourself in Dresden as happened to us recently you can take a 30 minute tram ride out of the city to Radebeul where there are vineyards and sometimes wine. We say sometimes wine because n a recent visit we had to try several places before we found one that served the wine from literally just up the road.

The lighter green speck on the centre right of the hill is a vineyard.
At last on a hot day in May we went to take a look and soon found ourselves in dire need of refreshment. Now we have never subscribed to the idea that wine can be drunk to quench the thirst although this suggestion is often found. Best for us at least to quench the thirst and then have a glass of wine.

But on this occasion this glass of well-chilled Radebeul Goldriesling really did hit the spot. It was made by Weingut Drei Herren whom we had encountered not long previously at ProWein, Duesseldorf.

And who was serving it? The spookily named Gasthaus Schwarze Seele who couldn't have been nicer.

Our previous encounter with Goldriesling had been with that of Schloss Proschwitz, Meissen. Following this we even planted 25 Goldriesling vines ourselves. Last year they showed a weakness towars Powdert Mildew so we are spraying them this year. Apart from that, we think it is a very suitable grape for the UK and recommend it as an alternative to Bacchus.

Since you ask, it was already listed on the Slotovino Hall of Fame.

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