Monday, 17 July 2017

Hail Cesar

Many years ago before Blogs were invented, we had enjoyed a bottle of the obscure Burgundian grape, Cesar. Ever since we had tried to find another example, so great was our disappointment when having finally tracked one down the result was nothing like what we expected and not in a good way.

Always ready to have our opinions re-enforced or overturned we snapped up this bottle from Whole Foods of all places. We had stumbled on it unawares. No one could have neen more surprised although our visit to this former winner of Slotovino Supermarket of the year (0910) had proven just how good they still are.

Well, this Cesar was just a great combination of freshness and individuality. A glorious personality was shining through such as may have been the case on the first occasion now to distant to remember exactly but not on the second.

Cesar can now definitely take its place in the Slotovino Hall of Fame. Buy a bottle while stocks last and tell us we're wrong!


Slotovino said...

Oops, we made a mistake or rather Whole Foods did, billing this as 'Cesar'. Actually it is 80% Pinot Noire and only 20% Cesar. Our post did say it was surprisingly different from what we expected. For a good reason it turns out. We're leaving the post as it was because the wine is so delicious, hoping that anyone reading it will check this comment, We sometimes find ourselves saying we don't care whether a wine is good or bad as long as it is interesting but we can't really advocate drinking wine that is disagreable.

Slotovino said...

That shoiuld read 'Pinot Noir of course.

We are discretely removing Cesar from the Slotovino Hall of Fame by the way. The jury is out once again on Cesar.