Monday, 18 January 2016


Not long ago Slotovino ran a competition for the most original blend. Failing to attract any entrants we made our own proposal and guess what, we won!

Our own proposal? That's not actually true but we make the rules and we were still the winners. No, what we did was to take a blend encountered in a nice Moroccan wine of our acquaintance:

Petit Verdot

This choice of varieties seemed to us to be harmonious and idiosyncratic so finding ourselves with some left-over Marselan we sourced a bottle each of Petit Verdot and Carmenere and set to work.

This was fun. We heartily recommend it. It's a cross between a parlour game and cookery. Perhaps it's not so amusing to do it professionally (what is?) and we simply can't imagine how professional blenders manage to produce a non-vintage blend of wine year after year. Sitting down with three bottles such as these was a gas.

In the end we decided the best proportions were 66% Carmenere, 25% Petit Verdot and the rest, Marselan. The great thing is that everyone will have a different recipe. Try it at home!

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