Saturday, 6 June 2015

Britain's largest vineyard

What is to be Britain's largest vineyard is already under way in Pishill, Oxfordshire. Planted already to the classic Champagne varieties, it stretches along the road in this typically long drawn-out village.

The owners spent a long time searching for this property and have gone at it very professionally with the best of advice along the way.

Pishill would be a great name but perhaps not if your ambition is to produce Britain's best sparkling wine. In any case it is pronounced PISH-ULL. The wines will be known as Centenary Hill or Century Hill or something as that is the name of the actual place where they are grown.

Having already seen many places come and go we wish Centurion whatever all the best. Perhaps it will help to bring the Thames Valley up as a wine producing area now Kent and Sussex seem to have gained the lead.

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