Sunday, 14 December 2014

Some nice places to buy wine in Bologna

Enoteca Italiana has a large choice, slightly on the predictable side but covering the whole peninsula as they say.

kilometres of shelves at Enoteca Italiana

Gilberto ground floor (note religious paintings in background)

Gilberto cellar
Gilberto may be slightly smaller but the wines are well selected.

La Terra del tempo del bene is actually an organic grocery store which also sells some wine - organic of course.

From the limited selection we found what appeared to be several really interesting bottles including the 'Burson' of Longanese - one of the few wine varieties to be named after a living person. In principle the natural and organic Lambrusco should have been interesting but didn't come out well.

Definitely worth a visit.

Tamburini recently hailed by the Sunday Times as 'a stylish temple to the humble ham' is a gastronomia, wine bar and purveyor of what they call 'velocibo' - not fast food but a popular lunchtime self-service buffet. We bought a bottle of Tamburini Reggio Emilia white wine which was drunk so quickly that we forgot to take make a note of the grape variety or even take a picture of the label. Could it have been Pignoletto? Again, not a huge selection but grab that bottle of white; it sits on the ledge over the display case of ham products. The alcohol was only around 12% if memory serves.

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