Sunday, 2 November 2014

Great new shop 'Park and Bridge,' Acton (London)

A tip-off from a local resident took us to Acton, West London and there was a surprise in store to be sure.

A wonderful selection despite being on the small side. Where else in London or anywhere else for that matter could you hope to find a Rossese, an Italian Bonarda (Croatina), an Ortrugo, a Chilean Cinsault made in a light vin naturel style,

a Cos wine we had never come across before called 'Rami'; a white fermented on the skins to produce a golden if not orange wine from 50% Grecanico and Inzolia grapes. We also bought a Vino Verde.

 The lovely idea of the tissue paper with the seal is something we had only ever seen previously at the Wine Pantry - the English wine specialists also in London - and at Nigel Tollerman's showroom in Buenos Aires. It's a lovely touch.

We were astounded to find this particular Rossese here; precisely the one we had chosen above all others at Vinitaly this year.

The Ortrugo was a bit lacking in character - as if the characteristic and wonderful Ortrugo-ness had been toned-down for export but the Bonarda was excellent.

The greatest find was unexpectedly the Chilean Cinsault: for our taste quite the best wine ever to come out of Chile that we had tasted. It was also quite unlike any other Chilean wine of our experience. perhaps the two statements are not un-related? In any case, if you are not a particular fan of Chilean wine and you want something really excellent and interesting irrespective of provenance, this wine is for you. It is modestly priced too.

The founder/owner is Paola Tich who has been involved in wine for a number of years and certainly knows her onions. She concentrates on "organic, biodynamic and minimal intervention wines" Her website puts her aims most eloquently;

We pride ourselves on offering a neatly-curated collection of interesting and different wines that are all great examples of their style or type. From everyday, good value drinkers you can enjoy on their own to some grown up finer wines that can bring a meal to life.
These are the wines you’re unlikely to find alongside the pet food and washing powder at any supermarket. Artisan wines that are made with care by people who love what they do. Remarkable wines that come from interesting producers and have a bit of story to them…

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