Thursday, 2 October 2014

Slotovino cash prize competition, 2014.

We were so chuffed with our blend of Solaris and Mueller Thurgau being also found in a respected and serious vineyard such as Sedlescombe (see the two posts below) that we wondered what other home blends might work.

Should we hold another Slotovino competition? The last one in 2012 was for the first person to find out what grapes went into the S. Korean red wine 'Happy Day'.

An American gentleman from Rockville, MD was actually able to tell us that one of the grapes was Campbell Early and we sent him the cash prize of 100 Korean Won. This time we could have entrants suggest hitherto untried blends and choose the most resonant one. Perhaps L'En de l'oeil and Koshu to make a beautifully fragrant white for example or a red from maybe Groppello and Corvina. You see, it doesn't have to be exotic, and now we mention it why hasn't someone blended Groppello with Corvina already?

Look out for the announcement of this 2014 edition; once again there will be a munificent cash prize.

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