Tuesday, 17 June 2014

New in New York

The New York Frieze week is a good time to catch up on novelties of all kinds. At Chambers Street Wines, they had a whole lot of Rare Creatures, some we had never heard of;

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So good to know where to get our Forlorn Hopes in New York even if some are quite a bit more expensive than others.

 Other bottles we bore away in triumph included this out of focus Pineau d'Aunis from Louis/Dressner - a name often seen on back labels of Organic, Bio-dynamic or Natural wines from New York merchants, especially Chambers St. They deserve their own post one day, and from a better blogger than Slotovino of course but we will celebrate them in our own way in full expectation they will survive.

This didn't last long once unpacked at home. If Jamie Hutchinson (The Sampler) can measure time by how long it takes him to neck a bottle of Beaujolais then we can use this beauty for the same purpose.


Bernabe Navarro's 'La Amistad' is made from Rojal as we have commented in a previous post. We were delighted to see it at Chambers St. and served it for friends back home. They didn't say much about it but it went down pdq. We might have over-chilled it (overkilled it?).

Over at Randall's Island there was an enormous place with rather more pictures on the walls than wine.

What wine there was, was a bit wierrrd.

The Gotham Project Red and White was just what Vino Sfuso should be: light, fruity and refreshing. The white was a New York Finger Lakes Riesling and the red may have been a NY Cabernet Franc. The Gotham Project is really interesting and we wish them the very best of luck. May they cause the revolution they seek and consign the glass bottle at least to a proportion of sales with Keg wine of this interest and quality finding its way to Restaurants and yes, Pubs! That would be a revolution indeed. English wine on tap? Why not?

As well as weird wine there were interesting operatic references at Randall's Island

Richard Wagner chasing a Leimotif
Re-assurance for the customers
Astor Wines and Spirits are not to be outdone these days and there we couldn't resist these gems;

at the risk of repeating ourselves, a Croatina

and repeating ourselves, but in this case, we never tire of Heitz's Grignolino

an OK Rossese
 Over the river at Willamsburg, we re-visited Uva and were impressed:

new converts to Petite Arvine, this one went down well

and ever a soft touch for a Poulsard, we fell for this Demeter accredited example
 They were also sporting, mirabile dictu Fabbrica San Martino's Arcipressi (Colline di Lucca).

Yes, nothing ever happens in New York

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