Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Now wine from every US state

Having heard that wine is now made in every US state we thought it would be interesting to try a local one on a trip to Florida earlier this year.

Wine is made mostly in the north and unsurprisingly is difficult to find in southern Florida. We suspect the same is true even in the north; typically such produce is often only be bought from cellar doors.

Vinifera varieties are grown but old-fashioned Muscadine wines are still produced and that was the only type on offer at the large Miami wine outlet we called on.

We acquired this bottle together with a Norton from Virginia. We had read encouraging words about Norton. Not something we would want to repeat in a hurry but  intriguing in a way.

The Florida Muscadine left us wondering who actually likes this stuff. Answers on a postcard, please.

I Wei Wei exhibit at Miami's wonderful new Perez Museum.
Possible use for a bottle of Muscadine wine?

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