Monday, 28 May 2012

Something sparkling for the Jubilee?

All the newsletters have been starting with statements that we in the UK will be wanting something fizzy with which to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. There follow offers of Prosecco, Cava et al and the latest wheeze, Pino Grigio Rose.

We at Slotovino have some other ideas;

From Luis Pato, Touriga Nacional sparkling Rose and Maria Gomez (with 10% Baga he is careful to mention) which is vinified white. The back label dedicates his wines to people of young spirit of any age. Right.

From our latest wine shop discovery in Milano, Ricerca Vini comes a sparkling Ortrugo from Piacenza at under 4 Euros which a particularly polite guest informed us was as good as Roederer Brut!

Next, how about Russian Champanski? No, not the old Soviet fizz which wasn't a bad beverage so long as you didn't think of wine when drinking it, but the revival of Abrau Durso, founded in 1870 and by appointment to the the Tsars, complete with double-headed eagle crest;

This is available from Zelas, Archway, London - now a lovely Deli as well as brilliant wine store. Next, what should have been a winner but sadly was not what we had expected, Lieb Family's sparkling Pinot Blanc, North Fork, Long Island, NY. We adore Lieb Family's straight Pinot Blanc, one of our favourite New York wines. The sparkler is made by a Frenchman, originally a maker of Champagne. It was too acidic for our taste but perhaps it was just our bottle. We would not wish to discourage our American cousins from celebrating with this fizz.

Finally, in case anyone thinks we are as boring as the merchants whose newsletters all start in the same way, here is a marvellous red sparkling wine from Slovenia which is natural to boot. On second thoughts 'to boot' is possibly too literal an expression when talking of natural wines. This one is from Teran, aka Refosco. We at Slotovino consider sparkling wine may be Red just as well as White or Pink.

Get it from Chambers St. Wine of New York. Where else?

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