Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Welcome Dingac

Even if 14.5% we enjoyed our bottle of Dingac, one of the Croatian wines bought at Murray Hill Wines of New York a couple of months ago.

We recommend readers faced with a choice between Babic and Dingac to go for the latter.

Concerning the thorny question of admission to the Slotovino Hall of Fame, our jury is out for the moment. If the high alcohol level is necessary for this grape to express itself to the level of our sample it would be a disadvantage in our opinion. Also the rather rustic and Eastern European flavour on the tongue initially might be an acquired taste. This is less evident as progress is made down the bottle. Nonetheless, Dingac appears to be a worthwhile addition to any winelist for those seeking something fun and out of the ordinary.

Now for Klarnica and Debit!


We were wrong! Dingac is not a grape variety but a wine area! We might be excused for making this mistake perhaps because it is obscure enough not to get a separate entry in Jancis Robinson's Wine Companion although it is mentioned as a place where Plavac Mali is produced in the general entry on Croatia.

We stand by our advice to choose Dingac/Plavac Mali over Babic and are relieved not to have to tear Dingac from the Slotovino Hall of Fame having not admitted it in the first place, We have tasted some excellent Plavac Malis in general though so we can admit this grape on the strength of those experiences. TA-DAH!

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