Friday, 10 June 2011

Ruggine - one of the world's rarest grape varieties.

"The name Ruggine, or in the Modena dialect “Ruzninteina”, derives from the fact that at the point of maximum ripening the grapes take on a brown hue that makes them seem rusty. Once widespread in the Modena area, today the only hectare of vineyard entirely dedicated to Ruggine is here in Rubbiara. It is a sparkling wine with intense fruity notes, fresh and well developed. The palate has good intensity, balanced with an acidic note supported by softness and a light and forthright body. Ideal for filled dishes, like tortellini and tortelloni."

From the internet. This bottle of Ruggine was photographed at De Vino, 30 Clinton St. New York. We couldn't take it home because it is not permitted to ship sparkling wine in hold luggage. Lucky New Yorkers should get along to De Vino as soon as possible before stocks run out!

We hope and trust Ruggine can be placed beside our other big Italian frizzante finds Passerina, Pignoletto, and Spergola.

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Peter F May for The Pinotage Club said...

Which airline bans fizz in hold baggage? BA doesn't mention it as far as I can see, both Continental and United allow wine in hold baggage and don't mention fizz.

Friends and I have carried Champagnes and sparkling wines in our suitcases between UK/US and also in checked in polystyrene wine carriers.