Thursday, 3 June 2010

We were wrong

We were wrong in a recent post (9.3.09) to dismiss Sparkling wine pretty much out of hand. It didn't mean that we stopped our researches and predictably we found something outstanding soon after our negative pronouncement: Ackerman's Sparkling Cabernet Franc (Rosé) from the Loire (12%), £7.99 from Waitrose.

It is really very good indeed.

Ackerman - Maison fondee en 1811 - own extensive vineyards in the Loire and with this Sparkling Cabernet Franc Rosé show their mastery in being able to produce such a delightful wine at such a reasonable price. We can't say we can recall many sparkling Cabernet Francs but why not?

We can put this effort next to the Sparkling Raboso by Mionetto we used to get from Corney and Barrow. Unfortunately Mionetto seem to have re-branded this delightful wine and the restrained bottle with the pink cordon seems to have been replaced with something altogether more blousy. Let's hope the wine is the same or similar. Finally let's not forget the Weinmanufaktur Riesling Sekt from Untertürkheim already mentioned in our post of23.12.09.

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