Friday, 3 April 2009

Incredible - but true

The advertisement in The Times of March 21st, 2009 offers us the opportunity to

"Grow Your Own Genuine, Prolific Fruiting Mini-Vineyard Chardonnay,
Pinot Noir
and Riesling
Harvest Delicious Sweet Aromatic Grapes, Juice or Exquisite 'HOUSE' Red, White and Rose Wine.....For Just Pennies Per Litre For Life!"

Sourced in France - the Home Of Quality Wines - UK Winter Hardy!

Incredible - but true. Thanks to climate change and knowledge commercial winemaking in the UK is growing all the time. You CAN now join this exciting revolution yourself and make your very own top quality wine from your very own 'home-grown' grapes! Just imagine. A delicious glass of chilled dry 'house' Chardonnay, Riesling or light fruity Pinot Noir as you sit under the cooling shade of your vines on a hot summer's day. Bliss! This specially selected Mini-Vineyardof 3 genuine French grower quality vines is incredibly easy to grow, provides up to 30lbs of gloriously sweet, aromatic fruit and, just like the finest wine, will just get better and better every year."


Robert Slotover said...
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Anonymous said...

wow,i never realized that before. you cant find this stuff anywhere else!
best wishes, john jones

Anonymous said...

really!? you must be lying!
Joseph freeman

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree i tried the chardonnay, Delicious!! Mark Evans

Rupert said...

Forza Slotovino,
Do you dispense advice to the ignorant? I have £100 to spend at (don't ask)and would love you to point me to anything interesting they have if you can face looking at their website.
Pip pip
R Merton

Robert said...

Joseph Freeman, perhaps you missed the first line. This text is a quote from an newspaper ad.

Robert said...

Rupert M., we have been through Virgin's irritating site (same goes for all Virgin sites in our experience) but found some (on paper) interesting things. We think the following might be worth a punt;
Familia Zuccardi Textual Tannat 2007 14.5% £8.39
Familia Zuccardi Innovacion Caladoc 2007 14% £5.99
Familia Zuccardi Innovacion Touriga Nacional 13.5% £5.99
Marotti Campi Rubico Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2007 13% £8.99
Castelfeder Lagrein Klassische Linie 2006 13.5% £9.49
Churchaven Barrel select Malbec 2007 14% £6.99
Churchaven Barrel select Pinotage 2007 14% £6.99
Veenwouden Thornhill Tempanillo Cabernet 2005 14% £6.99
Miudino Albarino 2007 12% £7.12
Marques de la Ville Malvasia 2008 13% £6.99
Devil's Peak Special Edition Chenin Blanc 2008 11.5% £5.99
Araldica d'Aria Muscat Sec 2008 12%£6.99
Caves de Turckheim Pinot Blanc Reserve 2007 12% £7.99
Java Blanc (Ugni Blanc) 2007 11.5% £6.49
Total 8 reds, 7 whites, £101.39 Not bad.