Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dispatches, ITV2, 17.9.08

I thought this was quite shocking: the programme asked why wine was the only consumable product which was not obliged to list its contents. The trade put up a very weak defence which basically boiled down to it being too complicated. It was pointed out that every small producer of cheese manages to list the ingredients so why not wine? In addition, some do: the Co-op's own label wines list the ingredients on the back labels...

Also in the programme was an expose of what additives have been found in wine including Hydrocloric and Sulphuric acid - purportedly used for cleaning out concrete vats. No wonder some wines have an unpleasant and otherwise inexplicable effect. I have questioned such wines from reputable companies in the past but none has been able or willing to tell me the ingredients.

Less shocking because already known to Slotovino was the revelation that sugar and water are sometimes added to raise alcoholic content and therefore prices. I'm looking forward to the day when lower alcohol fetch the higher prices.

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