Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Back Labels

The best back labels are by Robin Day of Domain Day www.domainday.com.au. They read

“Years of writing descriptions for back labels has left me convinced that this energy is more gainfully employed growing grapes and making wine”.

The vast majority call into question at best the literacy of the people who write them and worse, a picture of those allotted this task burning the midnight oil surrounded by a number of empty bottles.

I could forgive all that if they at least told me something concrete about the wine such as what grapes went into their ‘Red’ or ‘White’. The chances are that if they are so ashamed of them, they might be interesting, but such is the perceived fear that customers might be turned off by the mention of something esoteric that they would rather write meaningless flim-flam.

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Anonymous said...

My previous comment this evening seems to have disappeared into the ether. So I will try to repeat it.
I am deeply embarrassed that I am the cause of a diversive disquisition on Galicia, but am grateful and indeed impressed with the fulsome reply. I promise in future to talk only, or at least almost only, about wine.
Interesting to read in War and Peace ( I have given myself the year 2008 to read it and am half way through) that Pierre after drinking two bottles of Margaux becomes the life and soul of the Moscow English Club even though the ladies say that "il est charmant, il n'a pas de sexe"
What a relief!
Stephen Fein

P.S A complaint. There is no spell check on this site